What’s Blocking YOUR Path to Business Success?

By Hartley B Singer

Some people think that the reason they can’t get their business off the ground is because they don’t have the right tools, knowledge, experience or business plans.

Sure, all of those things are important. But if you don’t have the right mindset, then all the best tools, resources and money in the world don’t mean a darn thing. Because without the right mindset, you won’t ever find the success you’re seeking.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common mindset obstacles that can hold you back from achieving your business goals…

Obstacle 1: Negative People

It would be nice if all your closest friends and family completely supported you, but that’s not usually what happens. Instead, what you’ll find out is that many of your loved ones end up being nay-saying, negative people. 

It’s one thing when strangers laugh at your dreams and ridicule it. It’s another thing entirely when someone you love does it to you. It hurts. It can make you second guess your business ideas and plans. Yes, it can destroy your business plans altogether.

But that’s only if you let these negative people get to you. If you can push past their negativity, then you’ll be one step closer to your goals.

Take Walt Disney as an example. His banker wouldn’t loan him any money because he thought Disney’s idea for an animated film was ridiculous. His wife didn’t think there was an audience for it either. His own brother laughed in his face when Disney showed him the prototype for what would become Mickey Mouse.

Of course you know how this story ends. Disney was able to brush past the ridicule, the nay-saying, the doubting and the negativity. Today the Disney company is one of the largest and most profitable entertainment empires in the world, with books, movies, theme parks, TV shows and more.

So let that sink in for a moment…

If Walt Disney had listened to all the negative voices around him, Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney World wouldn’t even exist today.

Trust me, you’re going to get bombarded by negative voices too. You need to learn how to tune them out and not let them distract you from your business plans and dreams. You may need to stop talking business with the negative people in your life. If someone is too negative (about everything), you may even consider cutting them out of your life – or at least spending less time with them – because you don’t need that sort of toxicity around you.

Next up…

Obstacle 2: Not Believing in Yourself

It’s hard enough when others ridicule your ideas or doubt your plans. But sometimes that negative voice is your own. If you listen really closely, you may find your inner critic saying:

    This will never work.

    Who am I kidding?

    This is a waste of my time.

    I’m too old/young/inexperienced/stupid to do this.

The first step is to simply learn to listen for this voice. It’s probably already playing in an endless loop, but you’re not always aware of it because you’re so used to it. 

Once you hear it, then you need to put it in its place. Counteract it. Talk back to it. For example:

    This will work because I’ve done the research and I’m persistent.

    I’m smart enough to do this. I have experience.

    This is a good idea.

    The world needs this, and I need to deliver it to them.

Once you get in the habit of recognizing and then counteracting your own negative critic, it will release its hold on you. Then you’ll be able to move forward more easily with your dreams and your plans.

Obstacle 3: Fear

This is a huge dream killer. It might be fear of failure. It might be fear of success. It could just be the all-encompassing fear of the unknown. Many people prefer to stick with the familiar, even if it means tossing their dreams to the wayside.

Thing is, fear doesn’t always grip you with icy fingers. It doesn’t always come in a recognizable form. Many times it just sort of sneaks up on you and sabotages your business.

Here are three disguises it takes on:

    Procrastination. This is pretty obvious when this happens. You start off the day with good intentions, but when it’s over you realize you didn’t do anything. Instead, you fiddled around on Facebook or watched videos on YouTube. Maybe you even went offline and did something else. But the point is, you procrastinated and didn’t make any progress towards your business goals.

    Perfectionism. This is a tricky one, because society supports people who do a good job. So when someone never gets anything done because they’re trying to get it “perfect,” they can just tell themselves it’s a good thing that they’re doing a good job.

But guess what? Nothing will ever be perfect. And once you realize that, you’ll be able to release products, launch business ideas and unleash websites on the world when they’re good (but not necessarily perfect), because you know you can always fix them as you go. 

Take any software company as an example – they release good software, even though they know it’s not perfect. Once it’s out in the wild, then real users help them find the flaws so they can fix them.

Point is, perfectionism isn’t the quest for the best – often it’s just fear in disguise. Because if you never release anything, then you don’t have to worry about failing (or succeeding). 

    Busy-work. This is where you find yourself extremely busy from morning until night, but you don’t actually get the important stuff done. For example, you set out to do market research. A week later all you’ve done is read forum post after forum post, which you’ve convinced yourself is important work. Chances are it’s just busywork, because if you don’t work on the big stuff, then you never have to worry about failure or success (because you’ll never launch anything).

Point is, learn to recognize these disguises as fear. Then feel the fear and do it anyway, because nothing melts fear like purposeful action.

Will You Choose Success?

Most people don’t realize that success is a choice – and you can make your choice right now. 

You can choose to keep doing what you’ve always been doing… which means you’ll keep getting what you’ve always been getting. Day in, day out. Same thing. Same level of success. Same income. Same lifestyle. Same level of excitement (or boredom) that you’ve always had.

The alternative is for you to choose success right now.  You can choose more fun, more excitement and more money as your business dreams come true.

If you choose success, then all you need to do is tweak your mindset so that you’re ready to handle whatever life throws at you. Fear melts away. Comments from negative people bounce off you like you’re made of Teflon. You find yourself excited and motivated every day to get up and work on your business.

So how do you make these sorts of mindset tweaks? Simple, you go right now to the Success Upgrade Club. Get the right mindset, and nothing can you hold you back. Find out for yourself by checking out the link right now.